Season Two

The crown second season is mesmerizing in a way. The costume drama that follows the ancient years of the country of Queen Elizabeth II, this one is kind of story that we have told for long period of time, in season two they discussed whether that is the Bible’s take on King David or Shakespeare’s interpretation of Cleopatra the inner life of real ruler, power, personhood, at the intersection duty. This show has so little new things and technology in series. Most of the episode in the series was well-documented .for all character the royalty has given that’s why it reaches public figures. This sounds like roaring lion and too familiar in online as well as television Sony got huge profit because of this series. The enclave and the ambiance are also rich. People who watched season one those people eagerly waited for this second season because the first season “The crown” executed so well from gorgeous locations and historical creative table setting to the fantastic, sparkling lead performance done by Foy characters well trample in material is turned into rich and uncontrollable narrative about history, celebrity and the unavoidable difficulties of being a person. This story takes people to that period that much real experience they have inbuilt.